A Greeting to Our Visitors

You are in a remarkable place – the United States Probation and Pretrial Services Office. These are remarkable people doing remarkable work for everyone who is willing to partner with them in becoming a positive influence on families, friends, and communities. Each employee holds a deep desire to assist others who have struggled with the laws and the legal system in one or more ways. Any person convicted of a felony understands that nearly every aspect of life will be more difficult than before. For persons on probation or on supervised release, the services probation offers, whether substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, assistance in finding housing or employment or both, educational opportunities, or other programs, can be life-changers. For anyone willing to make the effort, the officers and staff are ready, willing, and more than able to direct you to sources which will improve your lives. And contrary to what some folks may believe, these probation officers, above all else, want you to succeed.

All the best,

Honorable J Thomas Marten
U.S. District Judge